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First of all, thank you for writing for me! I can't wait to see what you come up with. As you can see I'm not active on DW, but I'm InTheWind on AO3 and thesoundasitfell on tumblr if you would find it useful to take a peek at my tags.

General Likes
Angst, femslash, fix-it fics, character studies, found families, badass women who are also vulnerable, enemies turning into grudging friends turning into lovers.

General Dislikes
Fandom trope AUs (coffee shop/high school/etc.), pwp, crossovers, slash, mpreg.

I put this in a separate category because usually I'm fine with it, but please, nothing involving death (especially the death of a parent). I lost my dad very unexpectedly last month and can't handle reading anything of the sort right now. Thank you for understanding.

Now, on to the fandoms!

Law & Order: SVU
I ship Olivia Benson with damn near everybody and headcanon her as bisexual. I ship Alex with Liv but also with Liz Donnelly; if that intrigues you at all, maybe something pre-canon? I'm also very interested in the time period between Alex leaving WITSEC and her return to SVU (and no, I haven't seen Conviction, although it's been sitting on my shelf for ages). As for Amanda, I also headcanon her as bi and think she had an unrequited crush on Liv in season 13; that could be something to play with, and I wouldn't say no to a fic exploring how her feelings have changed or developed since then after everything they've seen each other go through. I'm not the biggest fan of Rollaro--I think that relationship was toxic for both of them, but a fic exploring why she made the choices she did (without boiling it down to "he's hot, let's fuck") would be right up my alley.

Law & Order
Claire and Connie were my two favorite mothership ADAs, and I liked them for similar reasons. I'd be interested in a fic about how either of them dealt with the "boys club" environment, their respective relationships with Jack and Mike, and what other women (Olivet? van Buren?) they may have bonded with.

The Fosters
I see a lot of myself in Stef. I headcanon her as bi, but with a lot of internalized biphobia (stemming largely from her dad's general shittiness and a lack of bi visibility/support around her) that causes her to just "pick a side" depending on who she's with. But that might be a lot to take on for a short challenge, so other things I'm interested in are her relationships with the kids (especially Callie) and pre-canon fics.
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Alex/Olivia is my ship of ships. As such, I'll happily read just about anything where they're concerned, but I do have a particular soft spot for fics that address Alex's frequent disappearing acts, her motivations for coming back time and time again, and how her absences affect Olivia.

Olivia/Amanda intrigues me mostly from an unrequited love standpoint. I see Amanda as having hero-worshipped Olivia since before they even met, whereas Olivia would just be looking for sex. Lots and lots of hot, angsty sex. Or something.

Olivia/Rebecca is something I'd like to see set in the past, maybe even before Olivia joined SVU. My personal headcanon is that Rebecca was Liv's first serious relationship with a woman, and that when Rebecca left the police force to become a therapist she also left Olivia, which is why Liv was so hostile to her in canon. But I'd be open to reading other takes on it as well.


It's been a while since I've seen the show and I was never really involved in the fandom, so I'll pretty much read anything. Go nuts.


I'm most interested in Saffron/Inara, but I don't have any particular likes or dislikes for any of these ships.


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