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Femslash Exchange 2013 Dear Author Letter


Alex/Olivia is my ship of ships. As such, I'll happily read just about anything where they're concerned, but I do have a particular soft spot for fics that address Alex's frequent disappearing acts, her motivations for coming back time and time again, and how her absences affect Olivia.

Olivia/Amanda intrigues me mostly from an unrequited love standpoint. I see Amanda as having hero-worshipped Olivia since before they even met, whereas Olivia would just be looking for sex. Lots and lots of hot, angsty sex. Or something.

Olivia/Rebecca is something I'd like to see set in the past, maybe even before Olivia joined SVU. My personal headcanon is that Rebecca was Liv's first serious relationship with a woman, and that when Rebecca left the police force to become a therapist she also left Olivia, which is why Liv was so hostile to her in canon. But I'd be open to reading other takes on it as well.


It's been a while since I've seen the show and I was never really involved in the fandom, so I'll pretty much read anything. Go nuts.


I'm most interested in Saffron/Inara, but I don't have any particular likes or dislikes for any of these ships.